Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland grow up in a politically very active family. His grandfather Thomas C Douglas was the leader of the new democratic party, which placed also the first socialist government in Canada .

His mother the actress Shirley Douglas, sympathized with the Black Panters and was set on the Black list in Hollywood . Her father Donald Sutherland was full of engagement and demonstrated against the Vietnam War.

Already at the age of five Kiefer was on the march with father Donald at a demo against brutality of police. Kiefers parents separated as he was four years old. He visited a boarding school in Ottawa ( Catholic Boarding School ), deserted and planed to start his career in Toronto to become an actor. 

He played in acts, worked as a waiter and got his first small role beside his father in Max Dugans Return. Some times later Kiefer got a main role beside Liv Ullmann in the movie "THE BAY BOY". This role brought it 1985 nominating for the "GENIUS AWARD" (Canadian Oskar), a large honour for the young Kiefer Sutherland.

He went to New York took playing instructions and learned to know his father better in this time, who likewise was staying in New York . For the present Kiefer got no roles and declined his fathers help. Conseqsuently he drove to Los Angeles , slept at the beach or in the car, had some auditions and the one and other time he got help by his well known name. First television roles got going his career finally and he got the role of the rascal in the kids movie "STAND BY ME". A short time later Kiefer acted in the main role as punk vampir David in the horror movie "LOST BOYS" Starting from this moment his ‘star appeal' was noticed by almost everyone. At the age of 21 he had shoot already 12 films He was among the "YOUNG GUNS" and acted beside Lou Diomond Phillips the main role in the action-thriller "RENEGADES".

In 1987 the 21 years old Kiefer married that scarcely actress Camelia Kath (The Killing time) and had a daughter with Sarah in 1988 Jude. Kiefer and Camelia separated 1990 in friendship.

1990 Kiefer acted in "FLATLINERS" where he learned to know and love Julia Robert . They engaged and fixed to marry in summer 1991. The wedding was called off three days before marriage. After "A MAN OF HONOUR" (1992) and "THE THREE MUSKETEERS" (1993) Kiefer left Hollywood within a short time to improve his rodeo - abilities on a ranch in Montana .

Likewise 1993 Kiefer Sutherland came out as a director in the television drama "LAST LIGTH" and took over the part of the prisoner sentenced to death * Denver Bayliss *. For this role he was nominated for * The Cable Ace * several times. Close in time his next own contribution on directioning was the TV film "WOMAN WANTED" in which he represented the egocentric *Wendel Goddard *.

In 1996 Kiefer married Elizabeth Kelly Winn, a former model from Toronto .

1997 he directed again the film "THE TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCE" Kiefer played the role of the completely through-slammed, shoot raging Ganoven * Curtis Freley * brilliantly .

In 1997 too Kiefer returned back to his roots and played together with his mother "THE GLASS MENAGERIE" from Tennesse Williams in the Royal Alexandria Theatre in Toronto . Later he acted in minor parts of unappealing characters in high-quality films like "EYE FOR AN EYE", "THE JURY" and "FREEWAY" (serial killer). Nevertheless Kiefer was dissatisfied by his work and decided to return bacl to the Rodeo (1998) and together with his rodeo partner Jonny English he won several competitions among other things the first place at US-TEAM-ROPING-CHAMPIONSHIP the 1998.

However Kiefer missed his profession and after a two-years okf habitation he returned back to Hollywood . His friend the British director * Stephen Hobkins * shot a pilot film for a inovative TV serial named “24” and asked Kiefer Sutherland to play the part of the CTU agent * JACK BAUER *. Kiefer assented. So yeah and the rest is history.

The great and powerful representation of the agent Jack Bauer was rewarded by the “ GOLDEN GLOBE* 2001 as best actor in a tv-drama. Meanwhile we may looking forward to "SEASON 5 winner of 5 Emmys " (likely start in Austria- november. 2006).

2003 Kiefer participated as the caller in "PHONE BOOTH" and in a small however exzellent played role in "TAKING LIVES". July 2005 made the movie "THE SENTINEL " in Toronto and the shooting of "SEASON 6 " has started in the middle of July 2006 in Los Angeles.