DIRECTED BY: Charles Braverman

Derek (Keanu Reeves) and Victor (Kiefer Sutherland) are two young men caught in a web of violence and destruction.

It begins when dealers and vandals smash Derek's privileged circle. In response, he and his friends react by forming a vigilante group, witch serves as protection and justice for the whole community.

The call themselves the Brotherhood of Justice and they set out to rid society of is lowlives drugdealers, thieves and deliquents.

At first the group is appreciated in the town-until its growth and power leads to even more corruption, vengeance and violence.instead of providing a safe environment, their gang eventually becomes an even greater source of fear in the community, for the take on the role of judge, jury and ultimately executioner.

Anyone who does not abide by laws of the secret society finds themselfes on their list. Terror and chaos consume the town, as no one dares cross the Brotherhood of Justice.

*A nice film from Kiefers early beginnings*