Franky the Fly



( 1979 )

DIRECTED BY : Peter Markle

Frankie, a kind-hearted gopher working for the Hollywood Mafia, whose main line of business is making porno movies. Constantly tyrannized by his violente and unpredictable boss, Sal (Michael Madson), Frankie sees the way out of the gutter lies in making his own movie. In return for placing his bets, Frankie (Dennis Hopper) enlist the help of Joey, a wannabe Hollywood director paying off his gambling debts to Sal by making his skin-flicks. However, Sal has many eyes on the street and sees what Frankie's up to.
His reaction is swift and unrelenting, forcing Frankie to watch as he mockingly films the torture of Joey (Kiefer Sutherland) and Margaret (Daryl Hannah), a porn actress whom Frankie secretly loves. Vengeance, not escape, now plagues Frankie's mind as he vows to make Sal more ways that one.

*Dennis Hopper and Kiefer Sutherland together again , upsetting and amusingly*