( 1996 )

Regie . Matthew Bright

Vanessa is a streetwise 16 year old, a kid with attitude who's never far from trouble. When her parents are hauled off to jail the authorities have no option but to lock her up too...but Vanessa has other plans and, armed with a handgun, hits the road. Forced to take a lift a charming stranger (Bob) who claims he's a child psychologist, it's not
long before Vanessa opens up and begins to share the intimate secrets of her troubled past. The pair get along fine until, with mounting horror, Vanessa realises she's riding with the so-called "I-10 killer", a serial muderer who prowls the freeways. Shooting her way out of the car she leaves the bullet riddled psychopath for dead, only to be arrested hours later and charged with his attempted murder.
Awaiting trial prison hell, Vanessa realises no-one will believe her side of the story. She vows to escape, little realising that on the outside the "I-10 killer" is waiting... hell-bent on bloody retribution.

UK dvd - Cinema Club
*a really funny mixture from Psyco-thriller and black humor