L.A Confidential 2003 / Kiefer Sutherland TV

L.A Confidential / TV


Directed by : Eric Laneuville

This is a great movie. The directing, the photography, the acting, the story, the choice of the cast are wonderful. Kiefer is great, low key but pretty cool. Melissa George does a great job and the acting of Bruno Angelico as the intriguing gangster, also the girl playing the drug addict these 2 intense roles are amazingly and unusually acted.
This is film quality to TV. It is really too bad that FOX and then HBO didn't follow thru with it. It seems they had creative differences and the cost of a period piece scared them away. There is is not one TV show/series currently airing who is close to this.................

*Kiefer Sutherland cool and intense*

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