24 Season I / Kiefer Sutherland

Twenty Four / Season One

DIRECTED BY : Stephen Hobkins,Winrich Kolbe,Bryan Spicer,
Davis Guggenheim, Jon Cassar, Frederick K.Keller, Paul Shapiro

Midnight: Straight one played Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), directors/conductors of the anti-terror unit CTU in Los Angeles, still with its daughter Kimberly chess. But the family idyll has a sudden end, Kimberly disappeared - by the window of its room. Before Jack can make itself on the search, one calls him because of an emergency in her office; her wife Terri must look alone for her daughter.

And it comes still more badly; Within the next "24" hours an attempted assassination on the presidency candidate senator Palmer David Palmer is feared. Jack and its team set skies and hell in motion, in order to find the wire-pullers of the assassination attempt. Meanwhile Terri continues to look for Kimberly, whose nocturnal trip develops unexpectedly to a fight um's naked surviving.

For its dragging along representation of the agent Jack Bauer the "Hollywood Foreign lent presses Association" Kiefer Sutherland 2001 the golden Globe in the section of best actors;
24 was also nominated for an honor in the category * best TV series (drama) .