24 Season Three 2003

Twenty Four / Season III (2003)

Directed by : Jon Cassar, Ian Toynton, Brad Turner, Bryan Spicer, Kevin Hooks. Co - Producer : Kiefer Sutherland

Three years later; CTU receives a threat that Mexican drug lord Hector Salazar is planning on releasing a deadly contagious virus in LA unless Jack gets his brother Ramone Salazar out of prison. President Palmer prepares for a presidential debate with Senator John Keeler.
After an infected body is dropped at the hospital Jack and Chase begin to trace its last steps while CTU tracks down drug dealers in East LA. President Palmer considers canceling the debate.
Tony and one of Salazar's cronies close in on a young drug trafficker who may be unknowingly carrying the virus. Jack informs Kyle Singer's parents that he may be infected. Wayne becomes concerned over David's latest affair when he learns the woman's ex-husband will purger himself over sworn testimony he gave years earlier unless the President pays him not to.
In order to get Ramon out of prison Jack asks for President Palmer's permission to instigate a prison riot. Michelle takes over command of CTU after Tony is injured. Chase disobeys orders and fiercely interrogates Roman as Jack puts his plan into motion. President Palmer has Wayne call off the meeting with Anne's ex-husband. Drug dealer Kyle Singer is captured by Salazar's men.
Jack and Ramon are captured by dangerous prison inmates after trying to escape. President Palmer begins his debate with Senator Keeler . At CTU, Chloe O'Brian discovers evidence of Jack's heroin addiction...............