The Wild 2006

The Wild / Walt Disney


Stories, storyteller gives it like sand at the sea. But love-worth Laberta like the lion Samson, king of the animals in the "New York zoo", is unique: Who stated already in all seriousness of itself, is he fivefold master in the turtle Curling? With the Phantastereien it goes however to its revolting dte rodent son Ryan duly on the nerves. But then Ryan suddenly disappeared! Kidnaps into the wilderness!

With its best friends Samson makes itself on the search: the always muerrischen British Koala Nigel, the life-experienced, rotated squirrel Benny, the absolutely limited Anakonda Larry like also the distinguierten giraffe lady Bridget, which is busy usually to hold itself its 20 centimeters large Verehrer Benny from their long neck to. This multicolored search troop of Grossstadtneurotikern breaks on to a completely special adventure: in the large city jungle new Yorks...

a sweet fairy tale from the work city Walt Disneys, of the young lion Ryan and its father Samson.