Women Wantet / Kiefer Sutherland 2000


Women Wanted


DIRECTED: Kiefer Sutherland

Richard, a physics professor at Yale, and his poet son Wendell, share both a rambling old house and an intense hatred for each other. When Richard's wife passes away in the throes of dementia, the father and son's antagonism for each other reaches new levels.
To dissipate the tension an ad is placed seeking "woman Wanted". Enter Emma, the antithesis of everything Wendell and Richard know: headstrong,
independent and unwilling to tolerate their attitudes. With time, Emma is able to send both father and son on the path to reconciliation.
Emma's love for Richard and Wendell, and the predicament that love has put her in, force her to make a life changing decision.

* here has Kiefer Sutherland mastered the splits of the direction to the show play very well.*