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Sutherland Sees Birthplace Wrecked

KIEFER SUTHERLAND was lucky to catch a glimpse of the London hospital where he was born - because the facility was demolished on the day he visited.

The 24 star was born in the British capital in 1966 at St Mary's Hospital, which was destroyed earlier this year (10) after the wards moved to a new building nearby.

And when Sutherland finally got round to organising a trip his birthplace, he was stunned to see the hospital demolished as he watched.

He tells Britain's Nuts magazine, "My mother and father both went to school here (U.K.). I met a friend in London recently and I wanted to show him St Mary's Hospital in West London where I was born... St Mary's Hospital moved across the street.

"We got there and I went, 'My gosh, that's where I was born.' It was the first time I'd seen it since December 21st 1966. Then a wrecking ball came from out of nowhere and took out the wall. The timing was unbelievable."




Kiefer Sutherland


Kiefer Sutherland - Stranded Sutherland Is Sightseeing In Britain

KIEFER SUTHERLAND is making the most of his time stranded in Britain while flights are grounded due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland - by visiting major tourist sites in the U.K.

The 24 star jetted into London last week (beg12Apr10) to promote his new movie Twelve, but he has been unable to leave the country as thick clouds of ash prompted the cancellation of 63,000 flights over the weekend (17-18Apr10).

And he's decided to use his time to visit the iconic Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire, England.

The actor was seen taking photographs of the site with friends.



Kiefer Sutherland


Kiefer Sutherland - Kiefer Sutherland Confirms 24 Script Ready

Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed the '24' movie has been written.

The 43-year-old star - who plays lead-character Jack Bauer in the action drama TV series - confirms 'State of Play' screenwriter Billy Ray completed the script a few weeks ago.

Kiefer hints the film will take place in multiple locations and will have any problems with geography.

He said: "We've always had to have the situation come to us. But now it's feasible to get Jack Bauer from Eastern Europe to England during the movie."

The star also said the movie is unlikely to echo the TV series.

He said: "It doesn't have to be a bomb. It can be something more personal that people understand."

Earlier this year Kiefer admitted he was keen to see Jack Bauer head to the big screen.

He said: "I think the resistance to it is because in my father's generation if you did films you didn't even think about television.

"That was a death knell. And if you did television, you wouldn't be allowed to do films. That was when we had three networks. We have six hundred now, and if I want to see Paul Newman in a movie, I don't have to go out. And so the game has changed. And I think we're going to have to adjust with it."




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Sutherland Praises Medics For Speedy Work Of His Ruptured Cyst

KIEFER SUTHERLAND has publicly thanked the medics who helped him get back to work on TV drama 24 just six days after he ruptured a cyst on his abdominal wall.

The actor spoke out for the first time about his emergency surgery in February (10) on Monday's (03May10) Ellen show in the U.S. - because he missed an appearance on the programme because of his health scare.

Explaining his absence, Sutherland told host Ellen DeGeneres, "I had an adrenal cyst on my abdominal wall... About 75 per cent of us have cysts in our bodies and I was doing a scene on 24, where I picked up a dead body, and the weight of that, combined with, apparently my age, ruptured the cyst and it started to bleed into my abdomen... so they had to take it out.

"It all took place pretty quick... They did a phenomenal job and I was back at work six or seven days later."

Shooting on the eighth series of the action drama ground to a halt to allow the actor time out to treat the ruptured cyst near his kidney.





Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer




Kiefer Sutherland Gets Emotional At End Of 24

KIEFER SUTHERLAND fought back tears as he wrapped hit show 24 - because leaving the series after nine years was "much more difficult" than he anticipated.

Bosses at U.S. network Fox announced last month (Mar10) that the action show's current eighth season will be its last.

Sutherland recently filmed his final scenes as Jack Bauer - and it was an emotional moment for the star.

He tells Britain's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross TV show, "It's been the gift of a lifetime. It's a bittersweet situation. We believe it was right to end the series but we were not prepared for the emotional reaction. We worked with the same people for 14 hours a day, five days a week for nine years and they become like your family. I spent more time with them than my family.

"The very last day, it was hard shooting it and the second they called the last wrap I watched really tough guys fall apart. It was really moving. I thought I had prepared for it, I went to say a few words to the crew about how much this time had meant to me and my bottom lip went - as much as you think you can prepare for a moment like that it was much more difficult than I thought."

But the star is delighted with the ending. He adds, "There's a very touching moment. I don’t think me or the other actor thought it would be. That last moment actually worked well, we’re proud of it and it worked really well."






Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland and Kirsten Dunst Cast In Melancholia

The 42-year-old actor will star alongside Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Udo Kier in the film, which will be directed by Lars von Trier.

Shooting begins on the film in the south of Sweden in July.

'Melancholia' tells the tale of a group of people dealing with the death of Earth, and von Trier has previously revealed the film will not have a happy ending.

Melancholia' is due for release in 2011.


Kiefer Sutherland 2010








Strip Club Boss Plays Down Sutherland 'Scuffle'

The owner of top London strip club Stringfellows has shot down reports KIEFER SUTHERLAND was ejected from the venue due to drunken behaviour, insisting paparazzi shots of the incident have been spun out of control.

The 24 star was enjoying a boozy night out with a pal on Thursday (15Apr10) and decided to end the night at exotic dance venue Stringfellows.

British tabloid The Sun reported the inebriated actor began dancing erratically with his shirt off and shouting inside the club before getting into a scuffle with security when he was allegedly asked to leave.

But club boss Peter Stringfellow has dismissed the claims, insisting Sutherland was never booted out of the venue and was polite to every member of staff.

In a blog post on the Stringfellows website, he writes, "(Sutherland) had a wonderful time, was incredibly charming to all the staff, very generous to all the girls and made friends with my security people.

"Around about 3.15am he decided it would be very funny to take his shirt off. When it was explained to him very gently that that was the job of the girls and not the customers he burst out laughing. His friend thought that this would be a good time for them go home."

Stringfellow goes on to clarify pictures appearing to show Sutherland being held in a headlock by club bouncers as he stumbled to his car in the early hours of Friday (16Apr10).

He adds, "One of the photos in The Sun looks like my security guys got Kiefer in a headlock. That is NOT the case they were just helping him into his car. Kiefer had slipped and the doorman tried to catch him and at the same time keep the photographers from taking photos, needless to say none of this worked and the paparazzi had a field day."

Stringfellow ends his note with an open invitation to Sutherland to return to the strip club whenever he's in London: "Kiefer, if you read this we’d love to see you at the club. The girls had a terrific time with you and you are welcome back at Stringfellows anytime."






 London UK



Kiefer Sutherland - Shirtless In Drunken Strip-Club Scuffle

KIEFER SUTHERLAND was forced into a car by bouncers at a strip club in London in the early hours of Friday (16Apr10) morning after stumbling onto the street drunk and shirtless.

The 24 actor began a boozy night in the British capital with drinks with pals at his hotel before heading to the city's notorious exotic dance venue Stringfellows.

According to Britain's The Sun newspaper, an inebriated Sutherland was dancing erratically and shouting before getting into a scuffle with staff when they asked him to leave.

The shirtless star was photographed being hauled out of the venue by doormen, who dragged him from the club and pushed him into a waiting vehicle - only for the star to escape the car and take a tumble on the street.

A source tells the publication, "He went bananas (mad), shouting nonsense and dancing like (English soccer player) Peter Crouch before kicking off when he was asked to leave."



Kiefer Sutherland





Kiefer Sutherland is 'Very Excited' For 24 Movie

KIEFER SUTHERLAND is relieved 24 has been cancelled - because he can't wait to begin filming the hit series' big screen adaptation.

Fox bosses announced last week (ends28Mar10) that the action show's current eighth season would be its last - but Sutherland insists he's happy about the news because he's looking forward to making a blockbuster.

And he's confident the show will work better in a two-hour film than in real-time format.

He tells Daily Variety, "I'm very excited about the idea (of a movie). I'm very excited about the opportunity, and singularly because it's a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day. So for the first time, it will be very feasible in this 24 hours to go from England to Russia, or from China to Japan, depending on where they choose to set it.

"Before on the TV show, the crisis had to come to us, because the best we could do was get across town. And the two times we ever put Jack Bauer in a plane, it just didn't work. So it alleviates a huge hurdle that real time writing presented for us."

And Sutherland, who plays federal agent Jack Bauer, admits a ninth season of the TV series would be a mistake.

He adds, "From a creative point, I think Howard (Gordon, executive producer) was feeling that as confident and as strong as he felt about season eight, he was feeling that it was going to be very hard to do (a season nine).

"He and I both felt that the opportunity of making a movie, and doing a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day - which would not be restricted by time - was something that was appealing to he and I both."



Twenty Four Season 8

24 The End Of Days

After eight "days," time has run out for 24 . Confirming widespread rumors, the producers of the Fox drama, regarded as one of the most expensive to produce (the Hollywood Reporter , citing unnamed sources, said that Fox paid its corporate sibling 20th TV $5 million per episode this season), announced that the series will air its final episode on May 24 and that there are no current plans to revive it on another network. In an interview with today's (Monday) USA Today , star Kiefer Sutherland said that the writers of the series had simply burned out. "The more you do it, the more you paint yourself into a corner," he said, "and I think, 'How many times have I played the same moment over and over?'" Executive producer Howard Gordon added that while the real-time concept helped propel the action, "it was very restrictive." He said that a feature-film version of the series is in the works and that a first draft has been written by Billy Ray, who converted the six-part British TV series State of Play into a movie starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams last year.


Twenty Four Season 8

24 Is Cancelled

KIEFER SUTHERLAND's hit TV show 24 has been axed.

The series, starring Sutherland as action man Jack Bauer, became an instant hit with TV audiences around the world when it premiered in 2001, but its current eighth season will be its last.

Show producers admitted last August (09) they were unsure about the future of 24 and were preparing a number of alternative endings for series eight in case network bosses at Fox cancelled the programme.

Fans' worst fears were proven on Friday (26Mar10) when Sutherland's co-star Mary Lynn Rajskub broke the news on her page.

She wrote, "Just found out we got the word officially. This is 24's last season."

Fox bosses confirmed the news shortly afterwards, revealing it was a joint decision between them and Sutherland, who served as executive producer.

In a statement to Access Hollywood, Sutherland says, "This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible.

"While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon. This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at FOX."

Fans will have one last chance to catch Jack Bauer in action after the last series wraps - a big screen version of 24 is currently in development.



Twenty Four Season 8

Kiefer Sutherland - Sutherland Ready To Return To 24

IEFER SUTHERLAND will resume filming on hit TV show 24 on Monday (01Mar10) after undergoing minor surgery.

Shooting on the ninth series of the action drama ground to a halt earlier this month (Feb10) to allow the actor time out to treat a ruptured cyst near his kidney.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Sutherland went under the knife last Tuesday (16Feb10) but he has been cleared by doctors to return to work next week.



Kiefer Sutherland


Production on the upcoming season of 24 has been suspended after KIEFER SUTHERLAND suffered a ruptured cyst last week (begs08Feb10).
Shooting on the ninth series of the hit drama started earlier this month (Feb10), but cameras stopped rolling after Sutherland had to take time out to undergo minor surgery.
Bosses on the show insist they were keen to stop filming for Sutherland to have the surgery, rather than making the star wait the six weeks he is required for the rest of the shoot.
It is expected he will be back at work in a matter of days.
A spokesperson for the show tells E! Online, "We are temporarily suspending production of 24 while our friend and colleague Kiefer Sutherland undergoes a medical procedure. We hope to resume production shortly and do not anticipate any disruption in the broadcast of this season's episodes."



Kiefer Sutherland / season 8

24’s Jack Bauer – the New American Superhero

Sometimes it almost seems impossible that Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland), the iconic hero of Fox’s mega-popular action hit “24,” started out as a pretty average guy.

Back in 2001 when the experimental real-time show debuted, Bauer was just the smart, well-trained Head of Field Ops for the Los Angeles Division of CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit). He was also a husband in a damaged marriage and the father of a typical rebellious teen. Yet in the seven ensuing seasons, Jack’s ability to thwart cataclysm after cataclysm has evolved the character into a modern day American superhero, the kind that could have easily originated from the pages of classic sequential art.

At the dawn of Jack’s eighth very bad day (the new season debuts with a two-part, four hour premiere on Jan. 17 and 18), it becomes clear that Bauer really launched into the realm of superhero after the murder of his wife, Teri, in the last moments of season one. Before that Jack had just been a wily, resolute hero with a passion for justice. After Teri’s death, he instantly morphed into a tragic hero who lost what was most precious to him in exchange for the safety of no less than the country.



Kiefer Sutherland Presenting at the Golden Globe Awards

Kiefer Sutherland / Golden Globe 2010



Twenty Four Season 8


KIEFER SUTHERLAND fears his 24 character JACK BAUER will be killed off - because the hit U.S. show could easily continue without him.
Show insiders are concerned it faces the axe by executives at U.S. TV network Fox at the end of its upcoming eighth season.
As a precautionary measure, producers have written a series of alternative endings in case they are forced to bring the franchise to an early conclusion.
And Sutherland fears he might not survive the chop even if 24 continues.
He says, "All of us, from the actors to writers, understood from day one we are not, and never will be, the heartbeat of the show. If you look at the major characters to have died over the years you know you can be killed off, and the show will get better without you.
"The real star of 24 has always been the concept of doing this show in 'real time'."
But the star admits he wouldn't be very happy if he was written out of the show: "When I go, I'll be going kicking and screaming."





EMMY 2009

Kiefer Sutherland / Emmy Award 2009
Kiefer Sutherland / Emmy Award 2009
Kiefer Sutherland / Emmy Award 2009
Cherry JonesKiefer Sutherland / Emmy Award 2009
Kiefer Sutherland / Emmy Award 2009

Kiefer Sutherland / Emmy Award 2009
Kiefer Sutherland / Emmy Award 2009



KabelEins trailer to "24" the seventh Season


On the 1st of September begins the seventh Season of "24" in the German Free TV with cable One.
Now for a few days cable One also leads some trailers to "24" the seventh Season in the programme.



Twenty Four Season 8

"24" Too expensive for Swiss television

For Switzerland the seventh round of the successful series with KieferSutherland was too expensive. Michel Bodmer Responsible for SF: "For the new season, was relay more than the double of the present price required." Besides, the loaner on the first radiation existed in Germany. With a real time series like "24" whose results are based on each other this is a killer criterion: "This is looked where it runs first", believes Bodmer compared with 20 minutes.



NEW Kiefer Pics

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland



“24″ Spoilers from the VIP Newsletter

The most addictive show on television is 24, according to the results of an online poll of more than 3,000 people conducted last month by The FOX series garnered 19 percent of the vote, edging out Lost (17 percent). The rest of the top 5 included Friends (10 percent), Heroes (9 percent) and The Wire (7 percent).
Kiefer Sutherland by
The eighth season of 24 will reportedly take place shortly after the events of the seventh groundbreaking season. Series star Kiefer Sutherland also told TV Guide columnist William Keck that the next season will be more realistic than those that came before it: “It centers around peace conferences taking place at the UN between the president of Iran and the president of the United States, which I believe is possible within the next few years.”......................................



Kiefer Sutherland

Deals: Transit Media to publish Kiefer Sutherland bio

HarperCollins Canada editorial director Jennifer Lambert has acquired English-language Canadian rights to two books by the Montreal-based Catherine McKenzie. McKenzie’s first novel, Sober, is about a struggling thirtysomething writer who takes an undercover assignment to follow a celebrity into rehab, only to discover her own demons once inside. The novel is set to appear in early 2010, with a second as-yet-untitled book arriving at a later date. The deal was arranged by agent April Eberhardt of the San Francisco-based agency Reece Halsey North................



" A picnic at New York "

Kiefers Picnick in New York

Picnick im Park 1 / Kiefer Sutherland 2009

Picnick im Park 4 / Kiefer Sutherland 2009

Picnick im Park 3 / Kiefer Sutherland 2009

Picnick im Park 2 / Kiefer Sutherland 2009

Picnick im Park  / Kiefer Sutherland 2009

Picnick im Park  / Kiefer Sutherland 2009


Kiefer Sutherland

Sutherland smooches publicly

However, there one pleases itself: US actor Kiefer Sutherland stands very much on his new friend, magazine editor Siobhan Bonnouvrier. The both were seen according to "New York of post" in a park in Manhattan publicly with the wild smooch..

"You had her hands everywhere. They were well present. A mother whom just her child satisfied shouted: 'Go, Kiefer', according to an eyewitness of the scene.

The star from the TV series "24" happily about the exit of a complaint because of physical injury was likely. The public prosecutor's office in New York had decided to refrain from criminal proceedings.



German movie star in "24"

Jürgen Prochnow

On inquiry of Prochnows agent confirmed that the popular actor has been taken for the series. However, details to the action are still top secret.

Supposedly Prochnow should play the boss of an East European mafia who wants to torpedo the peace negotiations between the USA and and an Islamic state. For the first time the history does not have to go in Los Angeles or Washington D. C., but play in New York.

The eighth relay of "24" shall be seen in 2010 on the pay tv Sky.

Prochnow is not the first ethnic German actor in "24". In the second relay of the several times prize-winning thriller series Thomas Kretschmann (46, "Valkyrie", "King Kong") had a small guest appearance.



Twenty Four Season 8

Are these the last "24" Season?

It is our last by contract agreed on "24" Season," said FOX TERRIER boss Kevin Reilly. How it will go on afterwards, is not certain yet, here one has still made no decision. "24" is according to Reilly a fantastic show and one does not want to influence now with an untimely decision the topical shooting. "24" is further a costly series fürr FOX TERRIER and she should rather end at a very high level, than to disappear slowly in the sinking.



"24": Season 8 Poster on Comic-Con

The poster already makes clear that the series like long since will play city famously in New York, because the Statue of Liberty is to be seen in the background by pine Sutherland alias Jack Bauer. Besides, January, 2010 on the poster is announced as a radiation beginning by FOX TERRIER.

24 Season 8 Poster



Keith Callum

More 24 Spoilers!

Battlestar Galactica” reunion over on Fox’s “24”. Sci-Fi Wire has announced that Callum Keith Rennie, ‘Leoben’ from the late, great science-fiction serial, is onboard the eighth season of the Kiefer Sutherland starrer.

Rennie will be joining fellow “BSG” vet Katee Sackhoff.

Sackhoff plays Dana Walsh, a smart and competent expert data analyst at CTU on “24”. No word on who the former has been cast as of yet.



T.J Ramini

T.J. Ramini also by "24"

The British actor T.J. Ramini shall be seen in the eighth Season of "24" at the side of Kiefer Sutherland in a returning role. In the expired TV-season T.J.Ramini was still occupied in a role in "Desperate Housewives".

In "24" T.J.Ramini will play the role of the Tarin Karoush. This has contact with a high politician from the Middle East, shown by Anil Kapoor.

Ramini was active up to now in Great Britain, with a leading role in the long-standing British cop-drama series "The Bill".



Photos from the “24″ set on 01 June 09

24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009

24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009

24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009
24 Set LA 2009

KIEFER SUTHERLAND - Just one day after his comedic performance at the MTV Movie awards Kiefer Sutherland is already back to the drama! Kiefer and the rest of the cast and crew of "24" were hard at work filming on location today in downtown Los Angeles CA on June 1st, 2009.


Kiefer Sutherland films a scene for 24 in Los Angeles

Season 8 Dreh in L.A

MTV Movie Awards





BEN STILLER faced a barrage of insults from ZAC EFRON, KIEFER SUTHERLAND and puppet TRIUMPH, THE INSULT COMIC DOG at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (31May09) as he accepted his lifetime achievement prize.
Sutherland and Efron poked fun at the actor/director as he was handed his MTV Generation Award and the offensive puppet had audience members screaming with laughter as he tore into the Zoolander star with a string of gags.

Triumph joked, "Your winning this year's Generation Award confirms what we've long suspected - after Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers and Chewbacca, they were running out of both comedians and people who looked like apes."
He added, "I guess comedy is in your DNA, as well as monkey ears, monkey arms and monkey forehead."

Meanwhile, 24 star Sutherland fought back pretend tears as he recalled his pal's most "inspiring" movie moments, suggesting Stiller's crude comedy scenes in 2004's Meet The Fockers are "what the craft of acting is all about."

He added, "Whenever I'm going through a hard time or I feel down or disillusioned, I pull out my DVD copy of There's Something About Mary and I just let it play, man," insisting the scene featuring Stiller "masturbating standing up" still inspires him.
Sutherland quipped, "It makes me realise that there is excellence out there and it is worth pursuing."
The actor ended up 'sobbing' onstage and had to be held by Stiller as he made his acceptance speech.

Kiefer Sutherland MTV-Awards 2009
Kiefer Sutherland MTV-Awards 2009










Kiefer Sutherland


KIEFER SUTHERLAND's recent clash with a fashion designer almost cost him his role in JOEL SCHUMACHER's new movie TWELVE - because the director was furious about the negative press following the alleged headbutting incident.
The 24 star was accused of attacking Jack MCCollough for no reason, leaving him with a broken nose, at a Met Gala afterparty in New York on 5 May (09); Sutherland maintained he accosted the designer after he barged past pal Brooke Shields.
The actress has since backed up the TV star's story, calling the incident "unfortunate".
Sutherland, who is on probation in Los Angeles relating to his 2007 arrest for driving under the influence, was charged with third-degree assault soon after the run-in - and Schumacher was reportedly set to cut the actor out of his forthcoming project as a result.
The TV tough guy has since admitted he "regretted" the incident - and his repentant behaviour has convinced Schumacher to keep the movie in tact.
A source tells the New York Daily News, "For the entire week following (the incident), Kiefer's drama was the white elephant in the room. Joel did not want to talk about it and instructed his cast not to mention anything around him or to the press.
"Kiefer's role isn't huge anyway. He's mostly narrating and wouldn't have been working with very many cast or crew members, which everyone onset is pretty relieved about. Twelve is in post-production right now, and it wouldn't make sense to cut Kiefer at this stage of the game."
Sutherland and MCCollough settled their legal spat on Friday (22May09), with the pair releasing a joint statement.
In the press release, Sutherland said, "I am sorry about what happened that night and sincerely regret that Mr. MCCollough was injured."
MCCollough added, "I appreciate Mr. Sutherland's statement and wish him well."
Details of their agreement have not been released to the press.



Kiefer Sutherland


KIEFER SUTHERLAND has settled a legal spat with a designer who alleged the 24 star headbutted him at a party.
Jack MCCollough claimed the actor attacked him for no reason at the Met Gala in New York on 5 May (09); Sutherland maintained he accosted the designer after he barged past Brooke Shields. The actress has since backed up the TV star's story, calling the incident "unfortunate".
MCCollough was hospitalised with a broken nose after the alleged encounter.
In a recent U.S. TV interview, Sutherland admitted he "regretted" the incident.
Details of the settlement between Sutherland and MCCollough were not available as WENN went to press.



Kiefer Sutherland


KIEFER SUTHERLAND returned to the red carpet in Los Angeles on Tuesday (12May09) to make his first major appearance since allegedly assaulting fashion designer [JACK MCCOLLOUGH] in New York last week.
Sutherland stands accused of third-degree assault after reportedly head-butting Proenza Schouler designer MCCollough at a Met Costume Institute Gala afterparty on 5 May (09).
He turned himself over to New York police last Thursday (07May09) and is due to be arraigned at Manhattan Criminal Court on 22 June (09).
But the 24 star is refusing to let his legal woes interfere with his red carpet duties, stepping out at the Waldorf Theatre in L.A. on Tuesday to promote the DVD release of hit TV series' seventh season.
And Sutherland insists he is coping well with the intense media scrutiny following the Big Apple incident, after seeing how his father, actor Donald Sutherland, handled fame during his youth.
He tells, "I've seen that with my dad, and I think (with) a lot of things, I was really lucky (to avoid the media attention). I was lucky enough when I started that I knew what was coming. I really love to work, and I can't tell you how grateful for everything it has done for me. You know it's coming down the pipe and you accept it... Just focus on the work and your family and friends."
Sutherland claims he was protecting his longtime friend actress Brooke Shields' honour when he allegedly clashed with MCCollough, who claims he was left with a broken nose.





Kiefer Sutherland 2009



Fashion designer JACK MCCOLLOUGH required surgery to mend his broken nose after actor KIEFER SUTHERLAND allegedly headbutted him at a New York fashion party.
The 24 star stands accused of third-degree assault after allegedly headbutting Proenza Schouler designer MCCollough at a Met Costume Institute Gala afterparty on Tuesday (05May09) night.
Sutherland surrendered himself to police at the NYPD First Precinct on Thursday afternoon (07May09) and was officially arrested and charged with the misdemeanour.
MCCollough was snapped with red scratches on his face after the incident; but the designer insists his injuries were far worse than they appear.
His spokesperson tells, "Mr. MCCollough suffered a broken nose in three places as a result of the assault. He received medical treatment last night after consulting with physicians... (he) had to have his nose reset. It's painful and it felt horrible."
Sutherland, who is currently under a probation order in Los Angeles relating to a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence (DUI), faces a $1,000 (£670) fee and up to a year in jail if convicted of the third-degree assault charge.
His arraignment is scheduled for 22 June (09) at Manhattan Criminal Court.




Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland take a leading role in a spy thriller !!!!!!!

The project "Trust" never is come already for several years in planning, however, after the Pre-Production. Now one seems to begin a new approach and got after Billy Crudup "Watchmen", Guy Pearce "warning" now also Kiefer Sutherland aboard. The star from Twenty Four should take over one of the leading roles in the spy thriller.

The film plays in the times of the cold war and acts from a Soviet spy who should work in Los Angeles as a double agent. A director was not obliged yet, but it is whispered that Neil LaBute will take over this post.



Kiefer Sutherland on Extra - April 14, 2009



Kiefer Sutherland in studio with the Manno Brothers



Kiefer Sutherland 2009

KIEFER SUTHERLAND turns new film he is called *TWELVE*

Sutherland has committed itself for the teenage drama "Twelve" which is based on the partly autobiographical novel "Twelve" of Nick McDonell. The author, even a child of rich parents, describes in it the prodigal luxury and the spiritual neglect of inhabitant of New York High Society kids.

Including the most announced Jung's stars of Hollywood, under it "Gossip Girl" - heart breaker Chace Crawford, Macaulays small brother Rory Culkin and Emma Roberts from the "dog hotel". Few adult roles in "Twelve" take over rapper 50 cents and star of "24" Kiefer Sutherland.

Direction leads Joel Schumacher to whom with Sutherland already with "Lost of bell-boys", "Flatliners" and "Not hang up!" together has worked.

"Detail on the edge": Of jaw co-star Emma Roberts is the niece of "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts.





Action man KIEFER SUTHERLAND has found himself a new challenge - he's teaming up with rapper 50 CENT for a new all-star movie.
The 24 tough-guy will appear alongside the In Da Club hitmaker in the big screen adaption of Nick MCDonell novel Twelve.
Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford, Julia Roberts' niece Emma Roberts, and Rory Culkin are also set to feature in the film, which portrays teenage life in New York and is slated for release next year




Hit TV series 24 will relocate to Europe when the show is transformed for the big screen, according to its star KIEFER SUTHERLAND.
The actor is confident a movie version of 24 is not far off - and believes producers want to set the action in Britain and mainland Europe.
Sutherland admits TV bosses wanted to produce a whole season of the show outside the U.S. - but it's more practical to shoot a one-off film abroad.
He says, "It’s something that we’ve always talked about because I think the fantastic thing about Europe, for something like 24 is that it’s very feasible to get from Prague to London in the course of a day.
"It’s just a question of when we’re actually going to make the movie."




Kiefer Sutherland believes in extraterrestrial life

Kiefer Sutherland, firmly believes in the existence of extraterrestrial life on other planet. He cannot understand how people could think that there is no other intelligent life in the universe, Sutherland said showbiz« the Internet service »Anxious how the branch service "FemaleFirst" writes. This image is very arrogant. The actor has lent aliens« in the American original his voice a figure in the animation film »Monster versus. The stripe deals in entertaining kind with this subject. The work on it has been for him quite a new experience and a welcome change to his role as Jack Bauer in the real time series "24".



Sutherland and Reese Witherspoon came to the premiere of „monster versus aliens"

Hollywood in Berlin!! Kiefer Sutherland and Reese Witherspoon, gave in „Monsters vs. Aliens“ two of the figures her Voices.and honoured Berlin to the Germany premiere of the film..

Filmpremiere für Monsters VS Aliens in Berlin, mit Kiefer Sutherland und Reese Witherspoon

According to BUNTE Online swarmed Kiefer Sutherland about his role as a grandfather.
His daughter Sarah Jude has made him with 16 years to latest ones grandfathers of Hollywood.


This romps in the grandfather's being is, the fact that one can return the child simply to his daughter, if it starts to cry . It is not so strenuous by far as the father's being“, smiled the actor now just five years later.


This was new even to me, I was firmly persuaded that Hamisch be the first and only grandson .








2008 Cyber Horror Awards Nominees

2008 Cyber Horror Awards Nominees

Vincent Price Award for Best Actor
Kare Hedebrant, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN
Andy Serkis, THE COTTAGE
Kiefer Sutherland, MIRRORS
Jonathan Tucker, THE RUINS




Golden Globe 2009

Foreign press of Hollywood has at night on Monday with 66. Golden Globes lending films and television productions in 25 categories excellent.

Unfortunately, there has remained with this year's Golden Globe lending only with a nomination forKiefer Sutherland "24 Redemtion".

The winners in the most important sections are:

The best film drama: "Slumdog of millionnaire" the best comedy or the best musical: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
the best direction: Danny Boyle ("Slumdog of millionnaire")
the Best actors in a film drama: Mickey Rourke ("The Wrestler")
the Best actress in a film drama: Kate Winslet ("times of the turmoil")
the Best actors in a comedy or a musical: Colin Farrell ("Brugge see... and die")
the Best actress in a comedy or a musical: Sally Hawkins ("Happy-Go-Lucky")
the Best animation film: "To embankment - The last removes the earth on the"
best foreign film: "Waltz with Bashir" (Israel)
the Best supporting actors in a film drama: Heath ledger ("The Dark Knight")
the Best supporting actress in a film drama: Kate Winslet ("of The readers")



24 - 4 New Spoiler - Video Features from 24 Season 7 Hour 1


A star for Kiefer Sutherland

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Los Angeles (AFP) - Kiefer Sutherland has since Tuesday his star on the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood.He appeared to the inauguration ceremony with his father, Donald Sutherland. His star has the number 2377. The Canadian Kiefer Sutherland born in Great Britain, if his actor's career had begun in 1983 at the side of his father.

Video / Kiefer Sutherland - Hollywood Walk of Fame

In 1986 he was at youthful age in the film "Stand by Me - to see The secret of a summer". The psycho-thriller "Flatliners" counts to his most successful films. Since 2001 he plays the agent Jack Bauer in the TV serial "24 for which he was distinguished in 2002 with the Golden Globe and in 2006 with the Emmy Award. According to the technical periodical "Variety" counts Kiefer Sutherland to the best of all paid-up television actors in the USA.

Kiefer und Donald Sutherland bei der Verleihung des Sterns am Hollywood Walk of Fame



Kiefer on Conan Nov 21, 08


Kiefer bei Regis & Kelly - 11.21.08


KIEFER SUTHERLAND has switched agents

KIEFER SUTHERLAND has switched agents, so he is at the same firm as his father and brother. The 24 star has moved from William Morris to CAA, where he joins actor dad DONALD and agent half-sibling ROEG.



Late Show with David Letterman / 2008




" TV GUIDE COVER -November issue "

TV Guide Magazine Cover Story



COD WAW-Voices-Kiefer Sutherland-Gary Oldman Interviews



24 Redemption official Website


Rocco Deluca & The Burden
From FOX — 24: Redemption
Available on DVD from Fox Home Entertainmen


Mirrors seit 31. 10. 2008 in alles Cineplexxkinos

Story by Gabriela.M

31st of October, 2008, 20:10 Halloweens, a half-filled film hall (what states in Austria nothing about the quality of the shown film), in the entrance hall to find no poster to the film and this although "The Mirror" on the Cineplexx web page as a Blockbuster is announced.

Cineplexkarte "The Mirrors"

For the moment put, "seat 13" *gggg* and with the best friend as a strengthening in the luggage, wait for the beginning of the film.
One would be said immediately sometimes in front, myself have liked me for many years a confirmed Kiefer fan, but not all his films.
"The Mirrors", nevertheless, I have liked (although not really a horror fan) very well.

Then this also began immediately with a shock experience when to itself one watchman cut open the throat and half a neck before the mirror.
Then it went one after the other, a horror effect followed other *Wow*, my friend tries to let shock not too much sat there concentrated-stiff as a poker and clung in her water bottle, with my left seat neighbours learnt the tacos schock-fly and righthand the hands *hehe* were not taken only at all by the eyes.

I would not like to reveal here the whole contents of the filming around the tension of those "The Mirror" will only consider not to take.

What has shocked me, nevertheless, mostly was the end of the filming, now I had not counted on it really!!!!!

FAZIT : absolutely consider...... My completely own assessment 4 Stars


Little mirrors, little mirrors, shock effect!

Real shock films come from Asia: to the trend omnipresent in horror scene of Hollywood towards the remake also arises "Mirrors".
The Mirrors
Director Alexandre Aja plays 110 minutes like a virtuoso on the keyboard of the horror – reflexions which make themselves independent and murder behind the glass the before , dreadful sound, and a lot of shock effects in a gigantic, desolate building in which not only which mannequins seem alive...
The Mirrors
On Friday to 31igsten October I will be able to convince myself from the horrorquality of Kiefer's newest film and report afterwards about it.
Kiefer Dutherland in "The Mirrors"

Your opinion to the film would be also also very interesting :" If she divides us with in

If only the question whether remains a coward like me, nevertheless, should not have one or two Pampers with in the luggage *hehe*

In this sense*HAPPY HALLOWEEN*

Happy Halloween


Kiefer Sutherland and ‘24′ crew to unveil photography exhibition

Kiefer Sutherland and ‘24′ crew to unveil photography exhibition

Fox's "24" is planning to kick off its seventh season not with a car chase or gunfight but with an art show.

A photography exhibition featuring images by the cast and crew of the Emmy-winning action series will go on display Nov. 10 at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. The exhibition will feature still photos taken from the South Africa locations of the season's two-hour opener, "24: Redemption."

Visitors will see 48 large-scale digital photographs taken by "24" star Kiefer Sutherland, director Jon Cassar, producer Michael Klick and others. The show mixes behind-the-scenes shots of "24" with images of the local population and wildlife taken in and around Cape Town, according to Michael Kochman, the exhibition curator.

The six-week filming took place during a particularly harsh South African winter, said "24" executive producer Cassar, who directed "Redemption" (scheduled to air Nov. 23).  "It was a difficult shoot," he said. "And you'll see it in the pictures."




Photos Shot While on Location in South Africa by Show’s Creative Team Including Star/Executive Producer Kiefer Sutherland on Display Through January 11

Exhibit Kicks Off November 10 with Star-Studded Opening

Two-Hour Television Event Premieres November 23 on FOX; Director’s Cut DVD in Stores November 25

October 17, 2008 Last spring, FOX announced that after a nearly two-year hiatus, 24 would return to the airwaves with 24: REDEMPTION, an unprecedented two-hour television event shot on location in South Africa and Los Angeles. Now as the producers ready this epic tale for broadcast, they are unveiling a never-before-seen collection of stunning photographs shot by five members of the show’s creative team during the overseas filming. “24: REDEMPTION Captured in Africa” is a rare inside look at the making of the show composed of candid moments between cast and crew, including Emmy Award-winner Kiefer Sutherland; dramatic stills from the spectacular action sequences; and vivid photographic captures of the scenic South African locations. The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles will host the one-of-a-kind photo exhibit of fine art museum quality archival prints from Nov. 10, 2008 through Jan. 11, 2009, when it may move on to additional venues to be announced later.


Curated by Entertainment Weekly deputy photo director Michael Kochman and custom printed at DigitalFusion’s fine art printing facility, the exhibit features works by executive producer/director Jon Cassar, director of photography Rodney Charters, producer Michael Klick, unit photographer Kelsey McNeal and star/executive producer Kiefer Sutherland.

“I was so impressed with the quality of the photography, and it was exciting to see a production photographed from five different perspectives,” said Kochman. “Each photographer captured something very special and poetic sometimes intimate, sometimes epic, sometimes documentary-like and raw. It all adds up to a fascinating photographic experience.”

“Shooting 24: REDEMPTION in South Africa was the highlight of my six years on the show,” said 24 executive producer and Emmy Award-winning director Jon Cassar. “It was nothing short of exhilarating. Africa also became a wonderful canvas for the still photography enthusiasts among our crew. Every day put us in places and situations that were new and exciting to us, and our cameras clicked constantly. This exhibit chronicles the seven weeks that were spent in Cape Town and the surrounding regions from moments captured during a hectic shooting schedule to the faces and places that represent not only the making of 24 but the Africa of today.”

“We are so excited to be the first to host this extraordinary photo exhibit from one of today’s most popular television shows, 24, which offers another unique way to connect the creative community with media enthusiasts here at the Paley Center,” said Barbara Dixon, vice president and director of The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles. “This exhibit is going to have enormous appeal to everyone from the most serious photography aficionado to the most passionate 24 fan. And what better place to showcase exclusive behind-the-scenes content from such a genre-defining television show than in our gallery at the Paley Center?”

A private opening for press and invited guests, sponsored by DigitalFusion and Photobucket, kicks off the exhibit’s run on Monday, Nov. 10 at 7:00 PM at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles. 24: REDEMPTION cast and crew members, including star Kiefer Sutherland, are scheduled to appear in addition to the exhibit photographers. Beginning that night, visitors to can view exclusive highlights of the exhibit as well as additional photographs. They will also be able to access a 24: REDEMPTION-themed background to customize their Photobucket albums.


“24: REDEMPTION Captured in Africa” opens to the general public Wednesday, Nov. 12 and runs through Jan. 11, 2009, and is included in the free admission to the Paley Center. The Paley Center for Media, located at 465 North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, is open 12:00-5:00 PM Wednesdays through Sundays. The center is closed on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission and parking are free.

On Sunday, Nov. 23 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), FOX will broadcast the two-hour television event 24: REDEMPTION, and on Tuesday, Nov. 25, Fox Home Entertainment will release the 24: REDEMPTION DVD. The special edition DVD includes an exclusive director’s cut featuring over ten minutes of never-before-seen footage not shown in the television broadcast, as well as additional bonus features including commentary, a behind-the-scenes on-location documentary and an exclusive sneak peek at Season Seven including the first 16 minutes of the premiere episode. Celebrating its 150th episode this year, 24 returns this January for its seventh season Mondays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


24: REDEMPTION bridges the gap between Seasons Six and Seven, and is the first new material from 24 producers in nearly two years. The prequel catches up with JACK BAUER (Kiefer Sutherland) on the African continent where he has sought solace in missionary work. He soon finds himself in the midst of a bloody uprising in the fictitious African nation of Sangala where a ruthless dictator is drafting innocent children to serve as soldiers in his army. As the vicious COLONEL DUBAKU (Hakeem Kae-Kazim, “Hotel Rwanda”) descends on an orphanage in search of recruits, Jack enters into a one-man crusade at the behest of his friend CARL BENTON (Robert Carlyle, “The Full Monty”) to rescue the children and get them to safety. Filmed in South Africa and Los Angeles, 24: REDEMPTION stars Emmy Award-winner Sutherland along with Cherry Jones (”Signs,” “The Perfect Storm”), Gil Bellows (”Ally McBeal”), Tony Todd (”Final Destination”) and Academy Award-winner Jon Voight (”National Treasure: Book of Secrets”). The prequel was written by showrunner/executive producer Howard Gordon and was directed by executive producer Jon Cassar.

About The Paley Center for Media:

The Paley Center for Media, with locations in New York and Los Angeles, leads the discussion about the cultural, creative, and social significance of television, radio, and emerging platforms for the professional community and media-interested public. Drawing upon its curatorial expertise, an international collection and close relationships with the leaders of the media community, the Paley Center examines the intersections between media and society. The general public can access the collection and participate in programs that explore and celebrate the creativity, the innovations, the personalities, and the leaders who are shaping media. Through the global programs of its Media Council and International Council, the Paley Center also serves as a neutral setting where media professionals can engage in discussion and debate about the evolving media landscape. Previously known as The Museum of Television & Radio, the Paley Center was founded in 1975 by William S. Paley, a pioneering innovator in the industry. For more information, please visit

About Digital Fusion:

DigitalFusion revolutionized the professional photography community in 1999 with the introduction of its personalized all-digital post-production workflow. DigitalFusion continues its leadership and innovation in the world of professional photography today supporting top industry professionals in digital production services and rentals, digital raw file processing, post-production retouching services, digital print making, graphic design services and online archive management. DigitalFusion is Los Angeles’ premier digital photographic rental and post-production facility, specializing in state-of-the-art studio and location digital capture, retouching, scanning, custom printing, digital processing, online editing, digital archiving and graphic design services. For more information, please visit

About Photobucket:

Photobucket is the largest standalone photo and video sharing site, with more than 46 million unique users worldwide* linking billions of personal photos, graphics, slideshows and videos daily to hundreds of thousands of Web sites, including Bebo, Blogger, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, Friendster, hi5, MySpace, Orkut, Xanga and many others. In addition to linking content, Photobucket users share their personal digital media by email, instant messaging, and mobile devices. Every day, more than 10 million personal photos, graphics and videos are uploaded to Photobucket for sharing with family, friends and the online world. The company actively moderates content to create a safe environment for its users, partners and advertisers. Photobucket has offices in San Francisco and Denver, and is located online at For the latest feature announcements and news, please visit the Photobucket blog at



New Video by nto24!


Kiefer leads Canadian talent at star-studded Emmy Awards

Kiefer Sutherland / Emmy Awards 2008

On hand to present an award, 24 action star Kiefer Sutherland led a host of talented Canadian stars - among them nominees Sandra Oh, Boston Legal actor William Shatner and comedian Will Arnett - at this year’s Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

KIEFER Sutherland / Emmy Awards 2008


Kiefer Sutherland, September 23, 2008

Actor Kiefer Sutherland and the musicians Ben Jaffe and Suzanne Santo ( "Honey Honey" ) visited “Steven's Untitled rock show”" on the 23rd of September, 2008 in New York city.

kiefer Sutherland 2008

Kiefer Sutherland 2008

Kiefer Sutherland and "Honey Honey"

Kiefer Sutherland und die Musiker Ben Jaffe und Suzanne Santo der Band " Honey Honey"

Schauspieler Kiefer Sutherland und die Musiker Ben Jaffe und Suzanne Santo der Band " Honey Honey" besuchten “Steven’s Untitled Rock Show”" am 23. September 2008 in New York City.


Premiere: Kiefer Sutherland Draws His “Gun”


Kiefer on ET Canada 18 Sep 08



Lifehouse Teams Up With Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland / Lifehouse
Kiefer Sutherland stepped behind the camera this time and put on a director’s hat for Lifehouse’s new video “Broken.” Along with director Frank Borin, Kiefer met up with the band in downtown Los Angeles last month to shoot Lifehouse’s most compelling video of their career. Set in the 2nd Avenue tunnel the band witness a car crash but all might not be what they seem....


Kieferhouse 2


Kiefer’s New House
Kiefer Sutherland pays $8.25M for a five-story town house in Manhattan’s West Village

Actor Kiefer Sutherland has paid $8,250,000 to purchase a five-story town house in Manhattan’s West Village.

In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Sutherland’s purchase of the town house, which at one time had been configured into six units. Records show that Kiefer closed on the purchase on July 24, with the deal being recorded with city officials on August 5. Sutherland purchased the town house through the same trust that he has used for all of his other real-estate purchases over the years.

Built in 1905, town house measures either 4,830 square feet, according to listing information, or 3,694 square feet, according to public records. The building also has many working fireplaces, and a garden out back, according to listing information. Given that records show that Sutherland bought this town house from an LLC that has the words ‘acquisition company’ as part of its corporate name and given that listing information online shows that the building had been listed (as a six-unit property) sometime in the past at $5,995,000, it’s reasonable to assume that the seller was a developer who had deconverted the building to a single-family home. We were able to find listing information for the building when it was on the market for $5,995,000 (and the photos here are from that listing information), but no listing information with an asking price anywhere near $8,250,000. And, given that the seller of the property had purchased it for $5,300,000 in November 2006, according to public records, it’s easy to assume that the listing information that we found online was from 2006.

On July 26, we had broken the story that Sutherland had listed his warehouse building in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake area for $4,895,000. That building remains on the market for that same asking price.

Surce: Posted by




Mirrors (2008) Behind-the-Scenes Clip With Kiefer Sutherland



Kiefer Sutherland

KIEFER SUTHERLAND provides(constructs) profile with

Kiefer Sutherland now a MySpace profile has got. The actor(player) announced himself with the Community and keeps informed his fans by the Internet site always. As the American "People" magazine reports, the newest updates are to be read on the profile by Sutherland, among the rest, to his(its) upcoming film projects. Besides, the 41-year-old wrote even a personal letter which is to be read now on the side

With the public profile with MySpace is not Kiefer Sutherland only. Meanwhile more than 400 public figures have announced themselves already with the Community.

Kiefer Sutherland Profil by My Space



Kiefer and fergie as presenter on the 16th Annual ESPY Awards at Nokia Theater

Kiefer and Fergie as Presenter on Espy Award 2008



Kiefer Sutherland

KIEFER SUTHERLAND: Colleagues of "24" like him very much

30.06.2008LOS ANGELES

Sutherland is liked with his colleagues of "24" very much. The crew has nothing but praise for the principal character of the series, for the rest. The illustrated "colours" said the costume designer: "He is so down-to-earth and nice and invites us often to parties. Who behaves in the set like a diva, is fired immediately. Kiefer cannot suffer distended egos..........



NEW Twenty Four Clip !!!!